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Cavalry officer Stephens wants to keep his troopers safe, but when he is pulled into the oldest conflict of them all, he must choose - to serve, or to die.

Saloon-hand Jacob wants to live a quiet life, play his fiddle, and sink a few beers. But something has come to his town-something old, hungry, and far from quiet.

Farmer Joe Clancy wants to keep his herd alive long enough to be able to sell them and save his farm. But first, he has to save his family, as death stalks the corrals.

To fight the growing menace, the three men must confront their inner demons and an all too real evil, one that threatens the lives of everyone it touches.

...a cracking tale of adventure and horror with some brilliantly effective set-pieces. - Dark Musings



Strange lights on the moors, weird noises in the night, cattle disappearing; these things alone are more than enough to prompt Malone’s newspaper to send him to investigate. And when his old companion Professor Challenger also goes missing, the hunt is on.
The trail leads Malone to the British military, and to a research station in the Bristol Channel, where an old terror proves, once again, that some things are not meant to be contained.
Mr. Meikle continues to write outstanding stories, and Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror is no exception, it further cements his place as one of the best storytellers writing today and I highly recommend it. - FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND


Wayne Miller, who also did the covers for THE CREEPING KELP, SHERLOCK HOLMES: REVENANT and CARNACKI: HEAVEN AND HELL has done another sterling job with this one.
Music can transport you. It can bring sunshine on a cloudy day and lift your heart in times of trouble. But there is another side, a darker side, to music. Allow yourself to be open to a different melody, and who knows where the music will take you.
In this collection you will follow the dance into dark places, down dark passageways, where dark melodies play.
William Meikle and Dark Regions Press have really put together an excellent collection that should be at the top of your to be read pile and I highly recommend it - FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND.


Crustaceans is available in 2 shiny print editions. There is a limited (13 only) signed, leather bound deluxe hardcover edition, and a trade paperback edition (first 100 signed).
It's definitely horror, but it's also Science-fiction, in a very 1950's B-Movie kind of way, a creature-feature if you like. It runs in my head like one of those lurid early technicolor monster movies, and readers will have fun thinking of it that way themselves.

I don’t think you can have much more fun reading a book than Crustaceans. It is one hell of a ride that will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can read them. - Famous Monsters of Filmland

At bottom, it’s a fun book, written to show the reader a good time and nothing more than that, on which level it succeeds admirably well. I thoroughly enjoyed its pulp(ish) pleasures. -- Peter Tennant, BLACK STATIC #31

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In the late 19th and Early 20th centuries Sherlock Holmes, John Silence and Allan Quartermain all fought against the powers of darkness. One other man fought the same battle, armed only with his wits, his science, and his arcane knowledge.
Meet an Edwardian occult detective who goes where no other gentleman will dare, venturing deep into neolithic barrows, into the crypts of ancient cathedrals and fighting the elemental powers of darkness on his own terms.
Meet Carnacki: Ghostfinder
William Meikle does a stand up job here of capturing the tone of the original stories. - British Fantasy Society

This version of Carnacki seems a bit more voluble than the one I remember, but horror stories of this type generally assume a more relaxed and intellectual air than most modern ones. It's a style of writing that I appreciate, and miss. - Don D'Ammassa

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A strange sickness affecting the members of the House of Lords starts a new adventure for Holmes and Watson, one that will see them on the run, accused of murder and pursued by both the police and a deadly gang of assassins.
The case takes them up and down the country, from Scotland to the Houses of Parliament and leads them down arcane paths, following their relentless foe in pursuit of the lost secret of immortality.
Their adversary seems hell-bent, not only on their destruction but on an act of terrorism that will shake London to its foundations.
Holmes must catch and unmask the revenant, and only by confronting his own past will he be able to prevail.
Baker Street Irregulars should quickly secure a copy of the book. - British Fantasy Society

...a splendid and entertaining diversion - Black Static #28

It's a nice blend of mystery and occult adventure and you don't find that particular flavor much any more - Don D'Ammassa

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Some seaweed, a jellyfish and some material brought back from the Peabodie expedition to Antarctica. An innoccuous enough blend you might think. But when a storm in the North Atlantic frees a sample that has been dormant inside an old wreck, the new creature finds that it is hungry. Our plastics-oriented society has given it an abundant supply of food... more than enough for it to grow, and build, and spread.
Can anyone escape the terror that is... THE CREEPING KELP?
If you are like me and grew up on those glorious nature run amok movies you will absolutely love The Creeping Kelp and I highly recommend it. - Famous Monsters of Filmland

The Creeping Kelp would make for a great beach read, and will give you shivers the next time you step on a piece of seaweed in the water. Highly recommended. - The Monster Librarian

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The first FLIPIT book contains my novels The Invasion and The Valley. Both novels are digital best-sellers and have graced the top 2 on the best-sellers list in their respective categories on Amazon.
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