Tuesday, 14 October 2014


The Watchers vampire trilogy is now available in a single volume omnibus edition for the Kindle 

The Watchers trilogy, my retelling of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie, and all his highland army, are Vampires and are heading south to claim the British throne. The "Watchers" of the title are the guards of the old Roman wall built by Hadrian, now reinforced to keep the vamps out. It is constantly patrolled by officers of the Watch, two of whom become the main protagonists of the series.

"Breathtaking, Scary and Original. A must read. An impressive blend of horror, history and imagination." - Dave Dreher, Horror News Network 

"I’m always impressed when anyone can add a new twist to the venerable vampire canon. Hugely enjoyable fun to read." - Joe Gordon, The Alien Online 


- See more at: http://williammeikle.com/ebooks.html#sthash.HOexJfM3.dpuf

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