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Bacon's Dozen: Thirteen Historical Fiction Short StoriesBacon's Dozen: Thirteen Historical Fiction Short Stories by Anna Castle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1 - For Want of a Book: A Francis Bacon Mystery Short Story
1586 and Francis Bacon is in desperate need of a book. So he is off to his favourite booksellers - Brooksby and Kellett. Only to discover a disturbed Brooksby who shows Bacon the murdered body of his partner.
2 - The Lost Mine of Don Fernando
Can Luke Turner, trading post owner and Flechas Velarde, Apache Elder, get even with corrupt US government agent, Wilkinson
3 - Artful Bargains
Lady Alice Trumpington at the age of 16 discovers the means to take charge of her life and do what she wants.
4 - Mustard on Velvet
Agnes Merrythought, laundress at Gray's Inn, has a problem. Two in fact, where is her husband, Jack, a carter and what is her daughter up to. She enlists the help of Francis Bacon in tracing her husband but she aims to solve the problem of her daughter Martha before her reputation is ruined.
5 - The Broken Circle
In Conil, Yucaton in 1546 Ix Cahum has learned to survive in her village after many deaths from disease bought on by the invaders, and death of her husband in the many wars between the Mayas.
6 - fraNCIS Bacon - The Shirt
1587, and Trotter the executor of the will of Lady Thursby has found a body in her old home. He calls on Francis Bacon for help. The only evidence to the identity of the body and the events that preceded his death is the shirt he is wearing.
7 - Dark Tales from the School of Night
1591 Sir Walter Ralegh, Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Harriot tell tales of ghosts and other strange beings as they sit in an inn sharing wine.
8 - The Sneeze
Austen, Texas, 2019. Elizathan literacy scholar finds that her sneezes sends her back to late Tudor times. Is it an allergy induced hallicination that lets her meet Henry Claybrook subject of her thesis or is it real.
9 - All Englishman Look Alike
Captain Valentine Clarady is captured and must find a way to escape
10 - Hamlet Reinvestigated
Horatio is asked to investigate the death of Hamlet’s father.
11 - The Stockbroker’s Wife
Richard Barrett, a stockbroker, has been offered a new position at Clements Bank but he is suspicious of the offer. He is encouraged to approach Professor Moriarty for his help. But then Barrett's wife becomes suspicious and ask Sherlock Holmes to investigate.
12 - In Walked a Lady
Tom Clarady, the clerk of Francis Bacon, is approached by Joan Pettwood because her uncle has just died and she is suspicious of the cause of death. Tom investigates but needs the help of Bacon to solve the case.
13 - Extinction
Melody Mockingbird of Austin Druidic Detective Agency investigates the death of jazz singer Gilda Sanger. She must be quick before her memory of the crime disappears. A paranormal mystery.
I enjoyed all the stories, a good collection of varied interesting stories, all well-written.
I received a free copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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